Silver Twister Deluxe electric wine opener

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An elegant corkscrew with the charging base in the case.

It opens wine effortlessly

Silver Twister Deluxe is a modern, elegant corkscrew in a black carrying case that will help you open your favourite wine fast and effortlessly.
Unlike traditional corkscrews, this wine opener is very convenient to use.
All you have to do is press the button and in a few seconds the cork is pulled out of the bottle without using force. Hassle free, and so effective to boot!

More than a wine corkscrew

The corkscrew has an exceptionally attractive appearance, as it is backlit with blue LED light.
A charging base is also included. It allows you to open more than 40 bottles of wine without having to recharge the corkscrew!
The opener also comes with a practical foil cutter to remove the protective wrap from a cork.

Durable Extreme Case

The Silver Twister Deluxe wine set comes in an elegant carrying case with a zip, where each element has its place and is well protected.
Thanks to the Extreme Case with a handle, the accessories are very convenient to store, and on top of that can be carried anywhere while being sure nothing bad will happen to them.

A wine gift set

The Silver Twister Deluxe is a gift for wine lovers that doesn’t require any extra packaging – it is elegant, it stands out and makes great impression.
Every wine enthusiast will appreciate the practical nature of the set, without any room for unnecessary gadgets.
The practical set with uncommon appearance is a perfect gift for a wedding, a house-warming or a hen party.
The elegant corkscrew that opens wine in literally a few seconds is also a great idea for a Christmas gift.

Gadget facts:

- A modern corkscrew with LED backlight;
- The set includes: a wine opener with a built-in battery, a charging base, a foil cutter and an elegant carrying case;
- Allows to open wine fast and without problems;
- Opens all traditional bottles;
- Pulls the cork out in 8 seconds;
- The case is made of hard, solid material that protects the set from damage;
- The lightweight, compact design makes the case easy to pack in a bag, a backpack or a suitcase;
- Case size: 31 x 21,5 cm (12,2 x 8,5 in).

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