Metal Ice Cubes - Woman

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Cubes of an unusual shape, for cooling whisky and other drinks.

Make drinks cooler than the others

It is widely known that chilled drinks taste best. The same goes for whisky. Chilling them with ice cubes, however, is a bad idea, as ice dilutes them and makes their taste weaker.

Metal drink cubes used instead of ice work way better, as they don’t water down the drink, and its flavour is just the way it should be, down to the last drop.

The functional qualities are important, but the presentation is just as important, that’s why the Froster cooling cubes are shaped like a voluptuous woman, which will undoubtedly make them appealing to the male tastes.

Sexy lady in your glass

Traditional ice cubes were already, well, traditional all the way back in our grandparents’ days. That’s why it would be nice to replace them with something that is pleasing to the eye and catches attention – like a sexy lady. And although it might be hard to believe, her being ice cold is actually an advantage here.

Thanks to the steel “ice cube” shaped like a woman, your whisky will stay pleasantly chilled so that you can enjoy its taste for longer.

You can also savour the whisky while accompanied by a friend, as the box includes two women who will be happy to keep you both company.

Make sure to freeze them in a freezer before use.

Metal whisky cubes as a gift

A whisky connoisseur doesn’t have to be convinced that chilled means better. That’s why the Metal Ice Cubes Woman are a great gift idea for a man.

Even if your boyfriend or husband owns classic whisky stones, he will certainly be happy to get chilling cubes shaped like that.

A great gift for a man, especially for the 21st birthday, a stag party, the Men’s Day or the Father’s Day.

Gadget facts:

- Includes 2 woman-shaped cubes as well as a black pouch to carry them and freeze them;
- Filled with a chilling liquid that keeps your drinks cool;
- Packaged in an elegant box;
- A must-have addition to whisky;
- They don’t dilute the drink and don’t alter its taste;
- Resistant to scents and discolourations;
- The feminine curves don’t scratch the glass;
- Remember to wash them before the first use;
- Safe for health – suitable for contact with food.

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