Coffeemageddon – Coffee Dripper and Mug

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An incredible set for brewing pour-over coffee.

Stop the Coffeemageddon

Imagine waking up in a world without coffee… Mornings without a cup of coffee. Life without caffeine in your body. The horror, the disaster, the shock! Here comes the COFFEEMAGEDDON!
But as long as we have coffee in our hand, we have peace in our heart.
You can stop the Coffeemageddon with the dripper & mug set for brewing aromatic drip coffee, with a peculiar apparatus printed on.

An intriguing appearance and ease of use

If you want to drink a good coffee, you don’t need a giant coffee machine or many different gadgets to make it.
Coffeemageddon – Coffee Dripper and Mug make a coffee brewing set that will allow you to easily prepare pour-over coffee.
It can be used anywhere – all you need is ground coffee, boiling water and a paper filter.
An extraordinarily looking gadget for those who value simplicity in coffee brewing. It will especially come in handy if you don’t want to or cannot have a coffeemaker at home.

Stand out from the crowd and make coffee your own way

While others have to deal with coffee dregs or keep buying new coffee gadgets that are occupying more and more room, you can go for something simple and compact.
The dripper and the mug create a set so phenomenal that it just makes you want to keep it in the open. Surprise your friends by showing them how different a “coffeemaker” can be.
The Coffeemageddon set is a variation on what a coffeemaker would look like if it was invented in the era of steam engines.
The simplicity of the dripper’s operation is contrasted with the print of a complicated coffee brewing apparatus, it highlights the set’s contrary nature.

A surprising gift for a coffee person

- For a coffee lover who can’t imagine a day without a mug of coffee at home or in the office;
- For someone you’d like to show a better way to brew coffee than just directly in the mug;
- For those who are bored with coffee made with a coffeemaker or who don’t want to have a classic coffeemaker at home;
- For someone who’d like to try alternative methods of brewing coffee;
- For a fan of pour-over methods, as they certainly don’t own a dripper that looks like that.

Gadget facts:

- The dripper has a protruding ring on the bottom that prevents it from sliding off the mug;
- Brewing coffee in the dripper requires size 2 paper coffee filters;
- 3 filters included;
- Dripper and mug material: ceramics;
- Dripper height: 8 cm;
- Fits vessels with a rim's diameter of 7 - 9,5 cm
- Mug height: 9,7 cm
- Mug capacity: 350 ml
- Coffee brewing instructions available on the product’s packaging.

Pull to avoid Coffeemageddon!