Wine Case with Glasses diVinto Who cares Black

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2 printed glasses in a case, with a place to put a bottle of wine.

Bring glasses, wine and good humour with you

An elegant set that will allow enjoying wine in a beautiful setting and under any conditions – that’s the Wine Case with Glasses diVinto in a nutshell.
Not only can you bring them along literally anywhere. The included printed giant glasses are adequate for every mood and help look at the surrounding reality with humour.
A trip, a picnic or a date in the open – where other wine gadgets will no longer cut it, the case will serve its function well, protecting the bottle and the glasses.

A wine case for special tasks

The case’s robust design allows to safely carry around its contents, and the attention to detail will leave a good impression on the people being gifted.
If you want to give someone wine in something more than just a regular gift bag, the case is a perfect solution for you. Accompanied by original glasses, it makes for a gift that will leave a lasting memory and prove itself in many situations.
The case can also be successfully given without a bottle of wine – its appearance and contents make a complete, extraordinary gift for wine lovers. We especially recommend it if you don’t know what type of wine to choose.

3 filling levels

There are two giant wine glasses included – for it is always merrier together! They attract not only with their appearance and capacity but also with the printed tongue-in-cheek theme which makes them perfect for every mood.
The only difference between a good day and a bad one is the amount of alcohol consumed by the end of it, that’s why they come with three filling levels: Good Day, Bad Day, Who cares.
The Who cares theme makes it easier to keep things in perspective, and the huge capacity means there won’t be any problems with refills.

One set for many occasions

- For newly-weds instead of flowers – with or without a bottle of wine, a gift like this will allow them to keep everyday life in perspective;
- For Valentine’s day and anniversaries – to drink to every good day together in the right setting;
- For a date in the open or while on a trip – if you want to create a romantic mood sprinkled with a bit of humour in an instant;
- For birthdays or the Women’s Day – because it’s a gift that every female wine lover will accept with open arms;
- For a hen party – because life after the wedding is a mix of different situations that are best to be approached with humour;
- For a girls’ night – if chatting over wine late into the night is your little ritual.

- Wine glass capacity: 870 ml, height: 28,5 cm
- Material: glass
- Note: do not wash in a dishwasher!

Gadget facts:

- Set includes an elegant black case with a place to put a bottle of wine and two giant wine glasses
- There are three filling levels marked on the glasses: Good Day, Bad Day and Who cares
- Each glass holds a full bottle of wine and allows enjoying wine without refilling
- Case made of hard and solid material which protects the glass from breaking
- Lightweight and compact design for easy packing to a bag, backpack or suitcase
- Case size: 38 x 35 cm
- The case fits most bottles of wine (max. size: 31,5 x 8 cm)
- Bottle of wine isn't a part of the set :)

Good Day / Bad Day / Who cares



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