Wine Case with Glasses diVinto Diamond

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Case for a bottle and glasses which can be carried around safely.

Wine set as a gift

Unique moments are made even more beautiful when celebrated with wine, and every wine tastes better when the right setting is taken care of.
The case with a place to put a bottle of wine and beautiful glasses is a gadget that will satisfy even a picky wine lover. It is also a timeless gift for couples.
The set will work both on a trip, and in the open – regardless of whether we're accompanied by the significant other or e.g. a friend.

Durable case that you can take everywhere

Wine Case with Glasses diVinto is durable and solid – it protects the glasses and the bottle from breaking, making it possible to carry them around safely.
It's an original idea on how to pack wine as a gift when a regular gift bag doesn't cut it.
You may also give it as a gift without a bottle. As a standalone present, it will definitely serve its task, especially when you don't know what type of wine would make the recipient happy.

Two giant glasses in the set

Happiness is something to be shared, which is why the case (besides a place to put a bottle of wine) includes two giant glasses that are pleasing to the eye.
The capacity of the glasses is so big that they can even contain a whole bottle of wine. Once they're filled, they make it possible to enjoy the favourite drink throughout the whole evening. With them around, you can forget about refills!

One set for many occasions

For newly-weds instead of flowers – both as a standalone gift and when you're wondering how to pack wine for a wedding;
For the Valentine's day and anniversaries – to raise a toast to the beautiful moments together;
For a date in the open or during a jaunt – because it's hard to find someone who wouldn't be touched by such gesture;
For birthdays or the Women's Day – because it's also a gift for a female wine lover, not just for couples;
For a hen party – because there is no shortage of occasions to celebrate after the wedding;
For a girls' night – if you like to spend time together with wine.

- Wine glass capacity: 860 ml, height: 26 cm
- Material: glass
- Note: do not wash in a dishwasher!

Gadget facts:

- Set includes an elegant black case with a place to put a bottle of wine and two giant wine glasses
- Each glass holds a full bottle of wine and allows enjoying wine without refilling
- Case made of hard and solid material which protects the glass from breaking
- Lightweight and compact design for easy packing to a bag, backpack or suitcase
- Case size: 38 x 35 cm
- The case fits most bottles not exceeding the size of 31,5 x 8 cm
- Bottle of wine is not included




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