Case for Couple with Wine and Whisky Glasses Froster Diamond

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Wine glass and a whisky glass in a shared case.

Everyone drinks what they like most

A good relationship doesn't mean two "halves of an apple", it's actually two individuals who, despite their differences, make a nice, unique whole.
Froster Case for Couple is an original gift for couples that will bring peace between a whisky lover and a wine lover.
No more compromises – everyone gets to drink whatever they like!

Giant wine glass and a solid whisky glass

The set includes a whisky glass and a giant wine glass.
The wine glass can fit a whole bottle, the whisky glass is solid – and, just like the wine glass, very elegant.
If one partner is a whisky lover while the other prefers wine, but despite their differences, they make a nice couple, they should be able to enjoy their favourite drinks together and in the right setting.

Shared case which protects the glass

The entire thing is packed in a shared case that will protect the glass from breaking and make the set easier to transport.
The elegant, durable case can also be given as a gift right away, without any extra packaging.
Take the case and its contents with you, pack your favourite drinks and enjoy them wherever you like. During a jaunt, on a picnic, on a date in the open or at home – the set will work in each of these places.

Universal gift for two

- For a wedding: it's a good idea for a wedding gift instead of flowers;
For the Valentine's day and anniversaries: to make a toast to a relationship where both can be themselves;
For a house-warming: so that alcohol is always consumed in a classy way in the hosts' house;
- For a stag party and a hen party: so that the gift's recipients have it easier getting along with their future husband or wife;
- For a baby shower: in case it's necessary to explain to each other the different views on raising the baby :)

- Wine glass capacity: 860 ml, height: 26 cm
- Material: glass
- Note: do not wash in a dishwasher!

Gadget facts:

- Set includes a whisky glass and a giant wine glass in an elegant case
- Height and capacity of the wine glass depends on the variant
- Whisky glass capacity: 250 ml, height: 10 cm, material: glass
- Note: do not wash in a dishwasher!
- Case made of hard and solid material which protects the glass from breaking
- Lightweight and compact design for easy packing to a bag, backpack or suitcase
- Case size: 32,5 x 24,5 cm



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