Froster Whisky Case with Glasses

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Case with 2 elegant whisky glasses and a place to put a bottle.

You can take the glasses and whisky with you

Whisky Case with Glasses Froster makes an ideal setting for drinking whisky in any conditions – either at home or on a trip.
Thanks to the durable case, the set can be carried around safely, whereas the two solid glasses allow enjoying whisky the right way.
The case also includes a place to put a bottle of whisky, which means it can also be taken along anywhere!

At home, during a jaunt and in the open

The durable case with a place to put a bottle will protect the contents and make it easier to carry them around. You can bring it with you literally anywhere – jaunts and open spaces are no problem to it.
The solid, elegant glasses will win over even a demanding whisky connoisseur.
There are two glasses so that they can be enjoyed together. It's a good gift both for couples and for single whisky lovers.

How to give the set as a gift

The set will come in handy when you're looking for an original way to pack whisky as a gift. The case will protect the bottle, and thanks to the glasses, the gift will stand out among the ones received so far.
It also works as a standalone gift if you don't want to buy a bottle or when you don't know what type of whisky to choose.
Certain connoisseurs only like one particular brand of whisky. If you don't actually know which one – the whisky lover will know the best which bottle to keep safe inside the case.

Gift not only for a man

- For a man who has already seen it all when it comes to whisky – a portable set in a case that will also protect the bottle is something that will surprise him;
- For the boyfriend, husband, dad, brother or best friend – a little bit of relaxing with a glass of whisky is something they simply deserve;
- You can even take the set on your own for a jaunt or a date in the open – if the other person also likes whisky, a positive surprise is guaranteed;
- For a wedding for the newly-weds instead of flowers – especially if you know that they both like whisky.

Gadget facts:

- Set consists of an elegant case with a place to put a bottle of whisky and two whisky glasses
- Whisky glass height: 10 cm, material: glass
- Case made of hard and solid material which protects the glass from breaking
- Lightweight and compact design for easy packing to a bag, backpack or suitcase
- Case size: 32,5 x 24 cm
- The case fits bottles not exceeding the size of 26 x 8 cm
- Bottle of whisky is not included




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