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Cap that has a peak with built-in lighting.

Emergency lighting, always at hand:
The LED Cap is a baseball cap with built-in LEDs. It's an emergency lighting, which – unlike other torches – you always have with you and to turn it on, you just press a hidden button. When you don't need lighting, the cap looks like a classic black cap that suits your standard outfit. Works in situations where you'd like to use a headlamp, which – as usual – you don't have at hand.

You light up, and your hands stay free:
The LED Cap allows you to perform any activities that require both lighting things up and keeping your hands free. You can use it:

  • when fishing – you will easily put on bait or replace a torn leader;
  • when repairing a car – you will clearly see what's happening under the hood and you'll be able to use the tools freely;
  • at a campsite or in a tent – during the day it will protect against the sun, and in the evening it'll light a path or allow you to read;
  • in the basement, garage or attic – with a cap on your head, your hands are free, and dimly lit stairs are no longer a problem;
  • where the door is poorly lit – thanks to LEDs, you will find the keyhole even in the dark.

Better visibility on the road:
Cap with a built-in LED torch is an interesting gadget, for active people as well. Thanks to it, evening running in the park or dimly lit streets will be convenient and safe: the cap fits your head well and lights up, so you can see the path and other road users can see you from afar. For this reason, you can also give it to a teenager, because it will improve his visibility on the road.

Practical gift:
The LED Cap will be a great gift:

  • for a mechanic, because the LEDs light up the repaired elements, and the peak of the cap will protect eyes from falling specks;
  • for an angler, because additional lighting will be an invaluable help when fishing at dawn or after dark;
  • for a runner, because it will improve his visibility on the street, light up the road during evening runs and additionally;
  • for a tourist, because it can prove useful in unexpected situations;
  • for a teenager, because it will increase his safety after dawn.

Gadget facts:

- it has 5 LEDs mounted in a peak
- it has 2 switches: on the power supply module and hidden in a peak
- to turn the LED light on, set a switch on the power supply module into ON position, then press the button hidden in the peak
- batteries are included
- one size fits all – it has an adjustable strap

2x CR2032