Froster Key Aider - key organizer

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A multi-functional key organizer that looks like an army knife.

More than an organizer:
Key Aider is a key organizer with multi-tool elements, a corkscrew and graphical first aid instructions. This pocket gadget will organize the keys, reduce their volume and, as a multi-functional tool, it will come in handy in various unexpected situations.

The modern equivalent of a multifunction army knife:
The primary function of Key Aider is to transform the chaotic and clattering bunch of keys into a form of a handy pocket knife, in which each key has its permanent place. It's even better than a pocket knife because you'll use it more often! As an additional advantage, it has tools straight from a multi-tool – 4 box wrenches, corkscrew, ruler, graphical first aid instructions, bottle opener and a phone stand. Everything you may need in the least expected moments.

How it works:
To put your keys in order, unscrew the Key Aider, arrange the keys in it in the desired order – where necessary separate them with spacers that come with the product – and then connect both halves of the organizer by screwing them together. The kit includes metal connectors that you can join and separate, so when you don't have a lot of keys, the organizer may be smaller, and with many keys – larger.

For a man who likes order:
Key Aider is an exciting gift for a man – it fulfils its function well and looks good. A key organizer is a great gift for a dad, brother, boyfriend or husband, especially if they like manly gadgets that make their lives easier and if they like to do things in a modern way. Thanks to the hook you can, for example, attach Key Aider on a chain to trousers or a backpack and always have it on hand.

Gadget facts:

- it transforms a chaotic bunch of keys into a neat form of a key organizer
- multitool functions: 4 box wrenches (size: 6, 7, 8, 10), corkscrew, bottle opener, phone stand, 5cm ruler
- graphic first aid instructions showing basic steps of doing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
- set includes: the organizer, additional connectors, spacers, corkscrew, hook

3,5 cm
9 cm
2,2 cm