Froster Guitar Whisky Set

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A set of whisky accessories packed in a guitar case.

Everything you need to feel the atmosphere of stories that would never have happened without whisky is enclosed in this Guitar Whisky Set. Make your own stories too – thanks to the travel case, you can take the set wherever you want. The sight of a guitar-shaped case filled with whisky accessories will disarm your colleagues and put you in a unique party mood.

All you need for whisky:
Gadgets and accessories that are part of the Guitar Whisky Set include:

  • two solid whisky glasses, worthy of the drink;
  • matt black hip flask with a capacity of 300 ml, in which you will carry either whiskey or other drinks such as vodka, absinthe or rum;
  • two glass coasters with bullet holes theme;
  • four metal ice bullets, which – after removing from the freezer – will help you keep the drink's temperature low without changing its taste;
  • ice tongs (also for chilling bullets), thanks to which you can easily put the ice bullets into or out of a glass.

Guitar travel case:
Each element of the set has its place in a hard case, thanks to which it is well protected against breaking or suffering other damage, and also looks great when you open the case. Thanks to it, you can easily take the set for a trip and provide the right setting to drink whisky in two. Even when you spend time outdoors, you can share with someone the pleasure of drinking chilled whisky.

For whom:
The novelty whisky set is perfect as a gift for men:

  • for dad, because due to his function and age he deserves to relax with a glass of whisky in his hand,
  • for brother, because there is nothing like a chat with a brother, and thanks to the whisky your mouths won't get dry,
  • for husband, because when in cultural settings it is easier to practice moderation,
  • for the best friend, because there is nothing like a glass of whisky with friends.

The set will also be a great gift for a musician (particularly a guitarist with a rockman's rebel soul) or a stag party.

Gadget facts:

- set consists of black matt hip flask (300 ml), 2 whisky tumblers (2 x 250 ml), 2 glass coasters, 4 metal ice bullets, ice tongs, guitar-shaped case
- the case made of hard and solid material which protects accessories against damages
- case size: 42,5 x 26,5 cm

- filled with a chilling liquid that keeps your drinks cool
- the bullets do not dilute or change the taste of drinks
- reusable
- the bullets have been safety-approved by the Polish Sanitary and Epidemiological Station (Sanepid) for contact with food



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