Guitar Towel

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Printed beach towel in the shape of an electric guitar.

In a nutshell:
Traditionally, a guitar can be played, tuned, its sound can be loved. Less traditionally, it can be smashed during a concert. But it would be cooler to lie on it in the sun. An electric guitar-shaped towel with fire in the background is an enviable gadget on which you can sit, lie down or even wrap yourself with it.

Stand out:
A huge electric guitar lying on the beach or next to the hotel's pool is an unusual and eye-catching view. So, if you like to arouse curiosity or provoke people to talk, then this guitar gift is just right for you. And while you can't play a solo on this oversized instrument, thanks to it you will certainly stand out of the crowd of other sunbathers.

For whom:
The power that is hidden in a rock guitar is a real element of fire, so this gadget should end up in the right hands, that is the hands of a guitarist or anyone who loves guitars. It's especially recommended as a musical gift for professional guitarists and for those who are just planning to become ones. If we want to make such a person feel special, let's give him or her the Guitar Towel, showing how much we like to listen when he or she plays a favourite instrument.

Not only for a guitarist:
The Guitar Towel is also a gift for a musician, fan of heavy metal or rock, music teachers and all music lovers. It's worth remembering that there is no shortage of female guitar enthusiasts, and that the shape of the female body beautifully harmonises with the sensual curves of this instrument. This gadget is also an interesting proposition for anyone who wants to have a printed towel of a distinctive pattern and unusual shape.

Gadget facts:

- Perfect for spreading out on the beach, at the pool, on a picnic and use at home
- Material: terry (100% polyester)
- Practical package with a handle - easy to store
- Made in the EU

150 cm
74 cm