Magic Mug - Puppy

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Heat reactive mug with a cute puppy and a hidden message.

In a nutshell: 
Magic Mug – Puppy is a mug with a cute doggy and a secret message, that changes its entire appearance after pouring some hot water into it. It reveals the text and image that would melt the heart of a person you had given the mug. This gadget makes a perfect gift for someone you love and want to show your feeling.

More than woof:
A puppy on the mug, just as human, needs a little warmth to show other people its feelings. When you pour some boiling water into the mug, its appearance will change, and you will be able to read a text: I woof you very much. The other side of the cup makes a second surprise – puppy's footprints will form the shape of a heart. The gadget is the best way to cheer the beloved one up after a hard day.

No special occasion needed:
Giving Magic Mug – Puppy means you want to show your love and affection for him or her. Girlfriend, wife, sister, female friend or crazy dog lady – each of them would be pleased with a double surprise that comes with the Magic Mug. The gadget can work really well on Valentine's Day or anniversary. It's also surprising and original enough to make saying I love you a great occasion for giving it. It is also a perfect gift for dog mum and dad, as well as all dog lovers.

How it works:
The mug is covered with some special paint that, when hot, gradually reveals a hidden message and picture. If you want to make a pleasant surprise to somebody, all you need to do is pour some hot beverage inside. When the mug cools down or when you pour some cold water inside, it will get back to the way it was.

Gadget facts:

- pour boiling water into the mug - special ink covering this it reacts to heat and changes image
- after cooling down or pouring cold water mug returns to the original state
- unlike most heat sensitive mugs, the Magic Mug changes its entire appearance
- made in EU
- Note! DO NOT wash it in a dishwasher or use in a microwave.

I woof you very much!



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