Cactus Hug Mug

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Mug with a print of a smiling cactus and a hilarious sign.

In a nutshell
Cactus Hug Mug is a mug with a print of a friendly cactus and a funny sign: Do you need a hug? This is a universal gadget that will be ideal as a gift for a number of occasions, both for men and women. Such a gift is an easy recipe for evoking a smile on the face of the gifted person.

For whom
Cactus Hug Mug is a gadget for those who follow the rule that says hugs are always welcome. A mug of favorite tea or coffee often makes the world a better place. If it is additionally served in the Cactus Hug Mug, the good mood is guaranteed - it is hard not to smile when seeing the friendly cactus that is ready for a hug or to comfort you.

Recommended occasions
Perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversary, Woman's Day - the Mug is a simple way to share warm feelings towards another person. It is an excellent gift for birthdays, name days and... as an apology - not only woman will be happy to get the Mug, as the sight of the Cactus offering a hug is simply adorable. The Mug will also serve nicely as a desk flower pot, e.g. for a cactus plant. :)

Why cactus
For some reason the world has gone crazy about cacti. This needle-covered plant has a huge number of fans and experiences a surge in popularity. It is commonly used as a decorative element and graphics motif, associated with something exotic and friendly at the same time.

Gadget facts:

- it features a well-profiled ear so the grip is comfortable
- wide base of the mug makes it very stable
- it's black color is matt and contrasts nicely with the flashy print of the cactus and the warm green interior.

8,5 cm
9 cm
Do you need a hug?



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