Woman cooking apron (EN)

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An apron with a wine bottle pocket and stopper.

In a nutshell:
Woman cooking apron is a kitchen apron with an included wine bottle pocket and stopper. The gadget combines elegance and functionality with a dash of humor. It is a product created for women who like wine (not necessarily only in the kitchen) and have a sense of humor about themselves.

Not so seriously: 
A recipe for a kitchen success? Use more wine! A bit to the risotto, a splash to the meat, but best... to a large glass. If you know a lady who has a similar approach to cooking, and additionally has a sense of humor, give her a gift - an apron with the inscription: I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.

Beautiful and stain resistant:
The apron is very nice, guests can be welcomed while wearing it. It will perfectly protect the evening dress - the fabric is very strong, does not let fluids go through, and is stain resistant. The apron's strap is long enough to go around and be tied at the front into an elegant bow, withstanding the weight of the bottle.

For whom:
The woman you will give the apron to does not have to be a specially gifted chef, but has to have a sense of humor. It is a nice, practical, and funny gadget for the wife or girlfriend who likes to look good even in the kitchen. It is also an original gift idea for a sister, friend, or work colleague who you sometimes visit with a bottle of wine.

Gadget facts:

- wine stopper included
- 2 pockets: for a wine and a stopper
- packed in an elegant gift box
- adjustable neck closure
- one size fits all
- strong and waterproof fabric
- material: 100% polyester
- resistant to dirt
- Easy to wash and doesn’t lose color
Made in EU

68.5 cm
61 cm
I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food



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