Blanket Dressing Gown Junior - Fuchsia

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Warm blanket with sleeves for children, made of thick polar fleece.

In a nutshell:
Blanket Dressing Gown - it is a soft and warm blanket with sleeves dedicated for school-age children. It’s big enough to tuck in child’s body and feet. Blanket’s wide sleeves keep hands warm and allow to manipulate them freely. A capacious pocket on a belly can hold everything that’s worth having at the moment.

Wide sleeves and the size of the Blanket Dressing Gown give leeway so important to children. Its hands are free so the child can sit covered with the warm blanket and read, draw, play board games or video games, play with toys, hold a tablet or eat - simply do whatever it wants to do.

Soft and warm:
Blanket Dressing Gown is made of thick polar fleece that’s perfect for cold autumn days and winter long evenings. It’s useful in many different situations: at home, while playing, during a car trip or simply while having a nap. The gadget will keep the body warm when sick or when relaxing outdoor (on an allotment, in a hammock).

Rocommended occasions:
A gift for a child who loves reading, crayoning in a colouring book or drawing. It’s also good for a movie enthusiast or a player - the hands are free so one can hold a remote control, a tablet, a controller or a smartphone. A perfect gift for a little home bird or a child who likes to feel warm. A great birthday present, Christmas gift or Children’s Day gift.

Gadget facts:

- It has wide long sleeves that do not limit movement
- Functional front pocket
- Very strong seams
- Durable, soft and fluffy
- Material: 100% polar fleece (300 g/m2)
- Size: 140 x 105 cm
- Practical package with a handle - easy to store
Made in EU

140 cm
105 cm



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