Magic Mug Deluxe (EN)

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Iconic color changing mug in an elegant gift box.

In a nutshell:
Magic Mug Deluxe is a color changing heart-shaped mug with a hidden "I love you" message. At first glance, all you see is a question 'Guess what?' written on a black background. When you pour some hot brew inside, the mug's appearance unexpectedly changes and love words magically appear. The mug is sold in a big, beautiful gift box, so it will be a perfect present for someone you love.

Not only for Valentine's Day:
Even though it serves well as a gift for Valentine's Day or an anniversary, saying 'I love you' is just as welcome on any other day. This romantic mug can change its look to match the occasion - or lack thereof - as a perfect gift for that special lady or man in your life. The surprising message in this form will ignite feelings and brighten the day of your loved one - much more so than an ordinary mug.

How it works:
The mug was covered with some special paint that, when hot, gradually reveals a hidden message. If you want to make a nice surprise to somebody, all you need to do is pour some hot beverage inside. When the mug cools down or when you pour some cold water inside, the mug will get back to the way it was.

The best way to express your feelings is by surprise. Such a romantic gesture will impress your partner and make him or her remember it - your significant other will be reminded how you feel every time he or she has a drink. If you also want to enjoy the gift giving yourself, pour a hot drink into the empty mug and watch your lover's impressed face as the black paint faded.

Gadget facts:

- heart-shaped and color changing mug
- packed in an elegant gift box
- it will help you express feeling by surprise
- unlike most heat sensitive mugs, the mug changes its entire appearance

DO NOT wash it in a dishwasher or use in a microwave!

Additional materials:
8,5 cm
Guess what? I love you!



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